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What You'll Learn:

  • The Professional Keynote Speech Writing System
  • The Most Common Mistakes Speakers Make
  • The Theatrics Used by Professional Speakers 
  • How Pro Speakers Dramatize Their Key Content
  • How Pro Speakers Stay Consistently Great
  • How/Why Speakers Purposely Wreck Their Speeches 
  • How Speakers Have Fun with the Toughest Audiences
  • How Great Speeches Sound So Conversational
  • What Speakers Can/Can’t Do with Their Bodies
  • What to Remove From Your Speeches
  • How to Excite An Audience
  • How to Avoid Monotony
  • What to Do If You Go Blank Onstage

What People Are Saying:

“Steve Siebold was the best student Bill Gove ever produced. His knowledge of keynote speaking has no equal.”

Larry Wilson, founder, Wilson Learning and Speakers Hall of Fame

Bill Gove was the father of professional speaking and the Frank Sinatra of speakers. Steve Siebold was his protégé, and he can teach you more about public speaking than anyone alive.”

Bob Proctor, a Professional Speaker and Star of “The Secret”

“Steve Siebold is the best public speaking teacher in the world, bar none. He is the lone creator of generations of knowledge on the subject.”

Doug Wead, White House Senior Advisor to President Ronald Reagan.

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