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How to Coach Mental Toughness

During this 6-hour online course with LIFETIME ACCESS, you’re going to learn the secrets of how to coach mental toughness at the world-class level. These are the same strategies we’ve used to coach Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes and special military operations.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to set goals using the mental toughness method

  • How to use psychological surveys to build the performer's blueprint 

  • How to use psychological tools to drive performance

  • How to coach people to perform under pressure

  • How to motivate people through Mental Toughness

  • How to coach people through rejection and failure

  • How to use performance contracts for accountability

  • How to use critical thinking questions in coaching

  • How to coach people to think like champions

  • How to coach a team to bond emotionally

  • How to develop world-class concentration and focus 

 And lots more…


This is an online course. Digital media is non-refundable.