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How Rich People Think Video Training Series -‎ Part 1

How Rich People Think---Beyond the Book

*This video series takes you behind the scenes of the million-copy international best-seller, How Rich People Think, with author Steve Siebold dissecting the first 15 chapters in vivid detail with background stories and anecdotes.

*This program is based on over 1,300 interviews with self-made millionaires and billionaires conducted by the author since 1984. It includes over 9 hours in video and audio formats.

The purpose of this 3-part video course is simple:

  • To guide you along your journey of accessing how you think and believe about all things related to money
  • Present you with ideas and strategies to upgrade those thoughts and beliefs, and
  • To turn them into positive, proactive actions that will catapult you to the level of wealth you desire and deserve.

The price includes LIFETIME ACCESS to both the audio and video versions.

This is an online course. Digital media is non-refundable.