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Mental Toughness Mastery audiobook

The great ones believe that nearly any goal is within their reach, and this single belief sets off a mental domino effect that continues to manifest one success after another. They literally THINK their way to the top, and 99% of them are no smarter than you and I. 

Here is the problem:

Its not easy to make the distinction between the good and the great unless you know what you're looking for. After 20 years of studying champions, Ive discovered that it's really a series of subtleties that add up to make the difference. Without knowing what to look for, most people will completely miss these subtleties. When you stand the champion next to a middle-class performer, there doesn't appear to be much difference. Have you ever thought to yourself, I cant figure out why so and so is so successful; he/she doesn't seem to be any different than me or anyone else?

Me, too. But not anymore. The differences are huge, but not very visible. So here's what Ive done. Ive selected the biggest differences between the winners and the still-trying, and Ive put all of this information on a 12 virtual CD series called Mental Toughness Mastery. You will receive 12 virtual CDs (Digital mp3 files) detailing exactly how champions think and process information, as well as real life stories and examples of the world-class performers Ive worked with over the years, and how to incorporate these ideas and philosophies into your life... immediately.

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